Aug 24

Many people have different ways of measuring success but Marine Time Cargo Limited, a logistics company that deals in freight forwarding, air ticketing, clearing and forwarding, pick and packing, warehousing and storage of cargo is one step away from becoming one of the logistics market leaders in Uganda. 

For a number of years, Marine Time Cargo Limited has thrived by adhering to a simple commitment of serving its customers diligently with efficiency, trust and liability.

This year there has been a shift in their work strategy, as the company is going to re-attach to two countries that is Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda in the trade and logistics market through a memorandum of understanding they stroke with Kavatsi Airline Logistics Company the biggest air cargo company in the DR Congo and Uganda. 

“Uganda has a five year development plan of infrastructure to promote trade within East Africa. The alliance being formed is a very good one because it is helping us implement our third national development plan,” Mr. Avu Elly Biluku the Assistant Commissioner   Private Public partnership Unit at Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Uganda.

This contribution of Marine Time Cargo Limited to the bilateral trade cannot go unnoticed because it benefits the country at large. 

 “We believe both companies have entered a partnership that is going to grow the trade industry in both countries and benefit the citizens at large”, Mr. Kisirinya Francis, Director of Finance at Private Sector Foundation Uganda,

Officials from Marine Time Cargo and Kavatsi Airline Logistics

The company is not only extending its horizons but also creating a strong partnership between the DRCongo and Uganda governments which will later on lead to the improvement of infrastructure in Uganda across the northern region down to the southern aiming at the border areas to ease trade in terms of transportation for instance the Kasese, Kasindi, Bendi, Butembo from Kisoro, Rutshuru, Goma Road which can become a great trade route for the business fraternity. This is a great step of success for marine time cargo limited as it carries the country with it. 

As marine time cargo limited, we believe that other bigger partnerships that will bridge the gap around different countries in Africa hence strengthening the bond and building the trade industry which will build the financial status of the East African countries and bettering the lives of the citizens of the country as trade  becomes easy for many.

We at Marine Time Cargo Limited, we shall continue to serve our clients with the best services at their convenience. 

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